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As well as Digestion - The Reason You shouldn't Drink Cold Drinks

Do you drink ice water... or have drinks straight your fridge?

There's a saying in Traditional chinese medicine that goes: "Above other suggestions, protect your digestion. associated with By "digestion", they mean processing of both Food and FLUID.
Think about it...

If you aren't multiplying foods properly, you aren't turning food into BLOOD and energy ("Qi, " as the Chinese call it) all around the organs to function properly - so your organs are literally "fatigued" and can't perform their jobs distinctly.

Your heart can't requirement. Your lungs can't a lot of. Your kidneys, bladder, body, gall bladder, stomach and intestines are all "fatigued" and can't get the job done.

And, your immune system do not have the energy to help you avoid cancer, colds, flu, light, etc.

And that's merely the problems with not making foods. If you're never processing fluids properly...
... fluid collects in your tissues (Chinese medicine refers to this as condition "Dampness". )

This reply ultimately congeals, and turns into a condition called "Phlegm" (this mug handles, but is not significantly, having phlegm or mucous. )

This "Phlegm" leads that you intend to obesity, depression, urinary infection, dementia, seizures, cysts with each other tumors, sinus headaches, asthma attack, all breathing problems since sinusitis, asthma, COPD, and numerous other problems.

Furthermore... the processing to have and fluids includes renal... so you will go through constipation, diarrhea and urination.


If you look through this free movie site you'll see that
all problem diseases listed there have improper eating as one of the main causes of this condition.

In some medical conditions, the problems come straight from the food itself. Consistently, in most cases, the circumstance comes from how your meals negatively affects your digestive system, with the weakened digestion then ending in the disease condition.


So, because there are many cold drinks damage your skill to process food for that reason fluids?
Here's a top off analogy...

When you put water within the stove, it moves even faster... there's more activity.
When you set water in the fridge, it slows down (freezes)... theres less activity.

Cold decreases activity. Heat increases playing field.

Chinese medicine describes the act of digestion as a warm and friendly process. Energy (and maturity itself) is warm. If we are dead, we're stone cold temperature dead...

It has been shown through thousand years of observation in Oriental that, if we drink chilled or perhaps liquids, we decrease during my digestive activity.

We hurt this warm style of digestion (cold negates heat).

FIRST ON MOST, this causes food and liquid which will digested poorly. Similar to collectors car can't completely combust electrical power, food isn't digested properly and you're left with a "sludge" (which, in Traditional chinese medicine, is called "Stagnant food" and/or "Phlegm". )

That "sludge" is usually the root cause of problems because of weak immune system, excess weight, fatigue, cysts, allergies, sinusitis and certain kinds of headaches.

SECONDLY, warming the cold fluids consumes energy (heat), leaving you regarding any net loss of electricity.

THIRD, your weakened digestion now can't produce reliable energy from the food you eat, leaving you with less energy for your organs to function beautifully...

... do you get the picture? You can (and will) get a hold of nearly every disease that you think.

What to do using this?

You might be lucky enough to have strong digestion and not have to feel too affected by refreshments. Consider yourself blessed. Consistently, if you're already completely ready somewhat weakened state...

... drinking COLD drinks might be one of several "straw's" that breaks the actual camels back. Here's a advice:

If you have cold water with your meals, address.

If you drink your drinks cold as opposed to the refrigerator, stop.
Drink entirely a teacup of room temperature or trouble (or green tea) within your meals.
If you eat out, tell the waiter "No blizards, please! "

One the biggest offenders are defined as ice water you leave at the restaurant. Just prior to eating a big diet, you put out your "digestive fire" (read that as DAMAGE your digestion) kind freezing cold water. Larger than fifteen mistake!

Iced drinks won't good for anybody. Nature didn't intend on us to frequently drink chilly temperature or frozen liquids. Refrigerators and freezers are extremely recent the history of human going on a diet.

Not to mention, there's just limited refrigerators out there in the wild!

*** Think about the main difference implications of cold food here, too. Obviously, they are really equally damaging. ***

It may take getting accustomed to, but drinking room temps or warmer water is a good first step toward being healthier.
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Keep you warm!


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